relationship tip #78: ‘babe’ and ‘baby’ are cliche and outdated. try a fun new nickname such as ‘lieutenant’ instead 

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The Most Beautiful Trees in the World

  1. Portland Japanese Garden, Portland, Oregon. Photo by unknown.
  2. Red maples trees path. Photo by Ildiko Neer.
  3. Most beautiful wisteria tree in the world. Photo by Brian Young.
  4. Yellow autumn in Central Park, New York. Photo by Christopher Schoenbohm.
  5. Amazing Angel Oak Tree, Charlston, Photo by Mark Requidan.
  6. Cherry blossom tree path, Germany. Photo by Shoeven.
  7. California in autumn. Photo by Mizzy Pacheco.
  8. Jacaranda trees in bloom, South Africa. Photo by Falke.
  9. Ponthus beech tree in Brocéliande forest, France. Photo by Christophe Kiciak.
  10. Beautiful cherry blossom road. Photo by unknown.

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Mephisto - Lord of Hatred by TamplierPainter

One donut to rule them all. [mirachravaia]
"I am not depressed. I am deeply introspective with a slight dramatic flair."
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“why are you wearing a hoodie it’s 90 degrees out” umm maybe because i’m hardcore? wtf

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